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          The Beauty Blends are finally here! My best face oil blends bottled up just for YOU!

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          I’m Nadia Neumann, author and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in acne and women’s whole body wellness.

          Around here, we rub rood on our faces, don’t believe in sacrificing health in the name of beauty (or vice versa!), give our livers some extra lovin’ when a zit rears its ugly head, and know that chocolate is an anti-aging superfood—?hello, free-radical-fighting antioxidants!

          Truly healthy, clear, glowing skin is an inside job. And a gentle, natural approach to topical skincare is the cherry on top!

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          What if you could fight the signs of aging, soothe and smooth your skin by making simple adjustments to your diet? Hint: You can. Read on!
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          They're Finally Here!

          The Beauty Blends

          My BEST face oil blends bottled up just for you! Handmade with the highest quality, organic ingredients (and lots of love!)
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